Tools Which Can be Used in the Classroom

There are many tools which can be used in the classroom. The tool I chose is Quizlet. Quizlet is a series of digital flashcards, much like the old paper flashcards we may remember our teachers using in class so long ago. These flashcards have a definition or brief description on one side and the other side has the answer. Many of my students, especially nursing students, like using Quizlet to study for exams, especially their final licensing exams.

This tool does have its place in the classroom if educators want a quick access to flashcards for a review of course content. Ultimately, Quizlet is good for rapid-fire review or testing rote memory.

In one of my courses, I did something similar but, instead of using pre-made flashcards, I created my own flashcards and created my own questions, so that I was testing students at a deeper level of understanding. I name my activity “Practical Nursing Jeopardy”. The questions I created were testing applied knowledge and critical thinking skills which are just as important as rote memory.

Looking back on this activity, I found this be a fun way to present an exam review. the students were engaged and their feedback regarding this activity was very positive.



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