Map for Sections Model


Students would have access to the chosen technology.

Students will have full support from the course professor.

The students can access the technology from the school computers in the library, on their tablets, laptops, as well as their smartphones.

There are no special skills required except for some basic computer skills. The creation of a Google account will be needed in order to access documents but this account is free to create.

Ease of Use:

Google Docs is rather simplistic technology but is user friendly.

This technology is very reliable and easy to maintain.

Google has been around for quite some time and therefore is a reliable and stable provider.

Technical support is available from the course professor, the IT department at the college and likely from Google themselves.


Since this technology is already developed, it is quick and easy to use.

As previously mentioned, technologies an d support are available from both the school’s It department as well as the Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub (The Hub).

Open Educational Resources available to support teaching and the use of technology, are available through the college’s Hub team, as well as, Ontario Extend, where one can find many great resources.

Teaching and Other Pedagogical Factors:

This technology does support the learning outcomes of my course since all essential documents required to complete group work can be accessed on Google Docs.

The content is accessible to all students, provided they have a Google account.

In terms of skills development, the cognitive, affective, and sensory domains are evaluated, thus leading to a higher level of learning.


Students can interact with one another and collaborate on group work. They do not always need to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Documents can be easily accessed and edited by group members.

The instructor can also access and review the documents, provide feedback, and assess the progress of the students’ work.

Organizational Issues:

The academic institution for which I work are always trialing new technology. Professors are always encouraged to trial new technologies in their classrooms and labs. The Hub staff are very knowledgeable and accessible to answer any questions.

Many standard technologies are used in addition to new technologies.


Networking is important, especially in the Health Sciences, since these programs are becoming more involved in Interprofessional Education (IPE) initiatives.

The use of Google Docs does provide appropriate social media sharing and collaboration among different disciplines. For example: Practical Nursing and Personal Support Worker programs collaborating on a project together.

Security and Privacy:

Student names, email addresses, and phone numbers must be kept confidential. However, this information can be removed prior to making documents public.

With Google Docs, only the group members and course professor should have access since it will be only these members viewing the documents. Each group will have its own set of documents.

If students are concerned with privacy issues, they can also use a pseudonym. In terms fo seeking advice, management, the IT department, or the staff in the Hub can provide some guidance in this area.

Any information which is pertinent to only the students in the course, will be shared via a Learning Management System such as Moodle or Blackboard.



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