Ontario Extend Module 2: Activity 3: Define Your Learner Challenge: Group Work

My Learner Challenge: One of my assignments involves a group presentation. Students typically do not like group work for a variety of reasons. The two main reasons stated for dislike of group work is poor communication among group members and lack of effort from certain group members.

In order to hopefully address this issue, I have created a Google Doc where students will find a group contract. Each group must create their own term for the contract. The template provided includes: contact information for each group member, each group member’s task, and I have also included a section for group rules. In this section, students can include how they would like to address the issue of  group members who do not contribute an equal amount of work toward the presentation.

Each member must sign the contract.

With the use of Google Docs, everyone can access the group contract including myself. While this is a rather simplistic use of technology, it is easy to use and accessible to each member and this way I can also access the document and see what has been completed.

I have found that even the simplest forms of technology, can be the most effective means of accomplishing tasks. I look forward to the student’s feedback with regards to the use of Google Docs as a means of hopefully addressing the issues of group work.


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